The Russell Trophy final results are now in.  After four very tough Winter Handicap events starting at the Grafham Grand Prix, then on to Queen Mary for the Bloody Mary, a quick stop at Northampton for the Steven Nicholson Trophy and rounding out at Rutland Water for the Tiger Trophy, our sailors are battered, bruised and still drying out.  This year’s events were windy, very windy, extremely windy or ridiculously windy.  We had the best take up, this year, of the winter handicaps by Paxton sailors since the Russell Trophy started.
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The winter handicaps that make up the Russell Trophy are some of the events within the SailJuice Winter Series.  This year there were some fleet prizes for the SailJuice Winter Series, William Russell came 1st Topper out of the 41 Toppers that competed across the eight events.