A warm weekend in august and 8 intrepid sailors and 6 non-sailers set off for an away weekend on the sea in essex. As a non-sailor I really had serious doubts about what I was doing setting out for a sailing weekend. However as soon as we arrived at Bradwell I was made to feel at home. Great accommodation, a couple of drinks and a delicious meal in the adjacent pub and it all felt like a great holiday.


The next day (Saturday) we enjoyed a full English breakfast then sailed from Bradwell to Brightlingsea (about 10 miles). Pat and Andy in their Solos, Paul and Tori and Nigel and his friend Andy in Fireballs, Simon in his laser and Pat Lovell in his Gull. The rest of us were taken in 22 foot Ketch. The wind was a gentle breeze (force 2 I’m told). The sailors were in their element while we had agentle cruse bringing up the rear. After a pleasant packed lunch in the harbour at Brightlingsea we set off back to Bradwell. In the ketch we used the “metal sail” to propel us back by the most direct route. For the sailors it was beat all the way back into a strengthing head wind.......

On Saturday 13th August there will be a summer BBQ at the sailing club.  Starting from 5:00 pm.  Please let us know if you are coming either by adding yourself to the facebook event.  or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The weekend of 13th / 14th August sees the annual Paxton Lakes Sailing Club Youth Trophy.   
The format of the weekend will be race training on the Saturday morning (please be rigged and ready for sailing by 10:30 am)  with 4 short races on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday will start at 11:00 am and we will have up to 6 short races.   The final race will be a double points medal race.  During the races there will be on the water coaching.  The event is open to all ages with only those 18 or under eligable for the prizes.  Its a great weekend to improve your racing, so even if you have never raced as long as you can sail please come along.  Also if you have a freind that sails but isn't a member please bring them along to join in.  Club boats will be avaliable on a first come first serve basis.

If you are coming please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and add yourself to the facebook event.

For all series races the race times are changing. The races are being made a little shorter and starting a little later. This is to provide a new section to Sunday Mornings between 10:00 and 11:00 for one of the PLSC “Buddies” to be on hand for help and advice. Whether you need a hand to rig a club boat or some hints and tips on how to improve your sailing, you may be new to the club and not sure how to go about things.  Whatever it is you want help with the Buddy will be there to help.  There will also be rescue cover during this time with no racing happening so you can practice without feeling you are getting in the way of racing. Although we never feel pleasure sailors get in the way of racing…
Race Times
All 3 races will be approximately 45 mins long
1st Race – 11:30 – 12:15
2nd Race – 13:15 – 14:00
3rd Race – 14:30 – 15:15
See you on Sunday.

At Paxton Lakes Sailing Club we are starting a Buddy Scheme. The idea behind this is that you can ask them anything about sailing, rigging the club boats, racing, the racing rules, how to rig your boat, how to set up your boat to make it faster, what to think about for going to sail at another venue. All the buddies are either sailing instructors or very experienced racers or even both. The buddy you ask may not know the answer straight off but will be able to point you in the direction. Please don’t feel shy or embarrassed about your question as I am sure we have all had the same question ourselves in the past.
Buddies are:
  • Andy Anderson - (Normally seen in his Solo)
  • Matt Bowden - (Normally seen in his yellow Laser Radial)
  • Paul Carrington - (Normally in a Fireball or Streaker)
  • Tori Carrington - (Normally seen in Toppers, Laser Radials or Fireballs)
  • Pat Overs – (Normally seen in a Solo or SigneT)
  • Gareth Russell – (Normally seen in his Lark, Flying Dutchman or Moth)
  • John Stanness - (Normally seen in his Solo)
Also each Sunday that Series racing is happening between 10:00 and 11:00 one of the Buddies will be on hand for advice. Look out for the notice on the door for who it is…
See you at Paxton
The PLSC Buddy Team

Come and join us at Hinchingbrooke Country Park in Huntingdon to find out more about sailing at our club, the sailing courses we offer and what you could get from becoming a member.  There will be oppourtunities to try out sailing on the day as well if you havent before.

Flyer with all the details

How to find us when you get there

Also anyone who could help with running out stall on the day even if for an hour please contact Pat Overs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special Races – 19th June 2011

With the club adorned in bunting, balloons and flags, Paxton took part in the nationwide campaign for ‘Sail for Gold’, with a series of “special” races, on the 19th June 2011. With a moderate to strong wind blowing 8 competitors, including both juniors and seniors, participated. With the prospects of medals being awarded at the end of the day, everyone threw themselves into the day enthusiastically.

To begin with, an ordinary pursuit race was sailed, the “special” part of this race being that all competitors had to start on the bank with dry feet. After some comical starts, Andy Anderson in his Solo predictably finished in first place but with everyone else close behind.

After a lunch break, a series of 3, high energy fifteen minute races, on a small course right in front of the club house provided great entertainment for the spectators. Yet again, Andy Anderson came out on top. However, there had been a shake-up of results further down the score sheet, with Bobby Martin and Matthew Bowden in lasers switching places.

The final race was another pursuit race but with another twist – personal handicaps were enforced. This gave the slowest boat (Andy Martin in a RS Terra Sport) a 9 minute lead on all other boats and left Andy Anderson starting some 25 minutes after start gun. The personal handicaps were very well calculated and produced an exciting conclusion to the race. The boats were all closing up for a photo finish but the wind dropped in the dying minutes of the race. Andy Martin sailed well taking full advantage of his head start so that he finished first with Tori close behind. This shot Andy Martin up the leader board when the double points were awarded but left Andy Anderson with a handful of points. The final results were as follows:

Position Comeptitor

1st Tori Carirngton - Topper

2nd Paul Carrington - Streaker

4th Simon Leonard - Laser

5th Andy Martin - RS Tera

6th Joe Sharp - Bosun

7th Bobby Martin - Laser

8th Matt Bowden - Laser

Well done to all who took part and a special thank you to Gareth for organising a very enjoyable day!


Tori Carrington


Hi All,

This Sunday 19th June is a "Special" Race Day.  So what is so special about it all you ask?  Well there will be a mixture of Pursuit and Handicap races.  The day will start with a Pursuit Race at 11:00 with a twist that it will be a LeMans start.  You may hold your boats to the shore but are not allowed in them until your class start.  After Lunch there will be three short races lasting only 15 mins over a short course so should be about 4 laps per race.  Then the final race at approx 2:30 will be another Pursuit Race.  This time however personal handicaps will be used based on the results of the races so far to set individual start times.  To add a little more spice to the overall results you will be able to discard your worst result from the first 4 races and the final Personal Handicap Pursuit Race will be like the Medal race in the Olymics and will score double points and have to be counted. 

There will be a briefing at 10:30 to explain how the day will work.

See you all on Sunday


Race report to follow shortly