We arrived at Ely Sailing Club for the Cambs Youth League at 9 am followed by Gareth, towing Beth's Opi, Charlotte's Tera and William's Topper, Then followed by Paul, towing Tara's Pico. Finally Nick showed up towing Bobby's Laser, Andy's Topper and my Pico.  We looked over at the Lake and it was very windy and the gusts were frequent and the water was swirling all over the lake, this was because it was so high up. The wind looked challening but exciting. It was then, a mad rush to rig all the boats and to get changed into our sailing gear. We had to take our boats down to the slipway but had to walk down the long uneven bumpy track. When we eventually got down the slipway you were alreay tired. We got all the boats on the water by using the non- existant slipway which was really hard to launch all the boats. Then we had to sail to the jetty and moored up to it. Then we had a briefing and got ready for the first race to start.

After waiting for absulute ages which left like hours, the race started in three sections. The  Opis and Teras then the Toppers and Picos and the RS Fevas and then the Lasers. We were about the start and Tara capsized on the line. we all thought that it was challenging and fun even though we didn't know where the bouys were. It was a good race and there were a few capsizies for most. But Andy managed to capsize 22 times! In that race Bobby came 4th, William came 10th, I came 12th, Tara came 14th and Andy came 17th. but Charotte capsized and did not finsh the race due to the exhaustion and Beth didnt start because she hit her head on the boom before the race started.

The second race started much more smoothly and we found that race alot more eaiser to go around the lake because we knew where the bouys were. But Andy still managed to capsize another 8 times and we all capsized a few times in that race with William doing a nice Death role behind me and Andy retired that race on his 8th capsize . Beth and Charlotte started the race but didn't finish because of the windy conditions. As I went over the finish line, the Race Officers, didnt finish me, so i had to do an extra lap on my own but the hooter went off, I had capsized and had to carried on with the race. At the end of that race I came 6th, Bobby came 7th, Tara came 10th and William came 11th. When we got off the water the wind was increadably strong and the gusts also got stronger and really heavy .

There was a briefing before the third race and the Race Officer adivsed that only the Experienced Saliors went out to do the race. This was because the wind picked up even more and out of 28 boats only 13 boats took part in this race. The Sailors from Paxton, were Bobby, William, Tara and myself. As we were waiting for the start, we could see Andy in the Tera towing the Topper that Charlotte was in as ,they took their boats over to the Jetty. This time, we found the race alot easier because we had four bouys to go around and we knew where they all were. At the end of that race Tara had capsized 8 times and no one else had capsized in that race. Bobby came 7th, I came 8th, William came 9th and Tara came 12th.

Overall the day went really well and Andy capsized 30 times altogether and it was Beths first time sailing there. All the Juniors enjoyed the day and we brought home 3 of the 9 Awards. Beth got Youngest Competitor,Charlotte got First under 12's and I won First Girl. The overall results were Bobby came 5th, I came 8th,William came 10th, Tara came 11th, Andy came 19th, Charlotte came 20th and Beth 23rd. All the juniors did very well even though it was very windy. It was a great day of Sailing. By the end of the day, everyone was really tired and worn out.

By Helen Sharp

More pictures after the link

We went to the Cams Youth League at Grafham towing 3 boats(Mine, Aimee's and Helen's). We arrvied before 9AM. We unloaded the boats and rigged them.

It was quite breezy before the first race and it looked exciting and worrying. Once we signed on, rigged and got changed, we went to the briefing. When I found out the Laser Pico started on the same start as me, I was annoyed but got over it. We got ready to launch for the first race and heaed of to the start line.

I understood how the starts worked so I told the other Paxton members what to do and when it really started. I helped Aimee as she is new to racing and she wasn't sure how it worked. Once she started, our 5 Minute went not long afterwards. I was great. I had lined up on the line and in the last ten seconds, sheeted on. I was the first off the line and stayed there for a while.
William Russell in Topper 28197 gets a great start in the first race of the Cambs Youth League Grafham Water SC 2013, Helen Sharp in a Pico also gets a great start.
I came 10th in that race in the end.

In the second race, my start was ok but I drifted past the line but made up for it. I went to the Windward Mark very well. I sailed where the wind was stronger which shot me ahead of the other Toppers
William Russell, Tara Butterfield & Helen Sharp having a good race at Cambs Youth League Grafam Water SC

In that race I came 1st Topper which made so happy and I came 6th in that race. The 2nd race put me in a good mood so I had a good start and sailed well and in that race I came 2nd Topper and 9th. Overall in that day, I came 8th overall out of 34 boats and 1st Paxton boat. 2nd Paxton was Tara Butterfield in 15th overall and 3rd was Helen Sharp in 19th.

Charlotte Sharp and Aimee Russell raced for the first time at Grafham Water Sailing Club and did really well for young sailors. Charlotte came 33rd and Aimee came 34th but they put all the effort they had into the day of racing. All the Paxton Lakes Sailing Club members did really well at Grafham.
Charlotte Sharp at Cambs Youth League Grafham Water SC 2013

Aimee Russell at Cambs Youth League Grafham Water SC 2013
There are a lot more pictures here Cambs Youth League Grafham Pictures

Paxton Lakes Sailing Club Open Day 27th May 2013
Hello Sailing Club Member,
The sailing season is in full swing and as such, there are some events coming up that you may wish to get involved with, both at Paxton Lakes Sailing Club and elsewhere helping to promote the club.
The first of those events is Little Paxton Scarecrow Festival on Saturday 11th May 2013 and the sailing club will be providing the BBQ  and will also be handing out flyers.  We are looking for volunteers on the day to assist with the BBQ.  We are not asking for you to give up the whole day, you should be able to enjoy the event as well.  Instead if you could provide an hour, or if you would like to help for more, that would be welcomed too.
We also need a few gazebos just in case the weather is wet or sunny.  Please let me know if we could borrow yours for the day.
If you have any questions or you would like to contribute please contact Tina on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07956 107615.
Thanks in advance.
Your Sailing Club.
Tina Harrison
Social Secretary
Paxton Lakes SC
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Find us on Facebook

We are once again running a race training weekend at Grafham Water Centre. This year it will take place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May.

It will consist of two days of race training to help prepare for the NSSA Inland Championships at Datchet and the NSSA Regatta at Bassenthwaite.

Overnight accommodation in bunk rooms is available along with all meals.

This is for all levels of ability, the only requirement is the ability to sail a simple course and lots of enthusiasm.

Evening activities such as climbing wall, high ropes etc. are also available at a small additional cost.

Each option has an individual cost, this is to provide you with maximum flexibility. No option is compulsory.

Sailing (Saturday) : £5.00
Sailing (Sunday) : £5.00
Bunk Room (including evening meal and breakfast) : £21.50
Lunch (Sunday) : £5.50
Evening Activity (Saturday) : £6.00
So the total cost for all options for the weekend is £43.00

Please bring a packed lunch for Saturday.

To register, please log into the website and click on the link that will appear on the right hand side of the screen.


We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Dave Bain
01487 843829
07808 481898

Now in its third year it would be great to see more of our members competing for the Russell Winter Handicap Trophy.    For many years there have been some wonderful Winter Handicaps which are great opportunity to race in much larger fleets with some of the best UK sailors.  The Russell Trophy is all about encouraging and rewarding our members at Paxton Lakes to take part in these events.
This years Russell Winter Handicap Trophy will include the following events:

Grafham Grand Prix at Grafham Sailing Club
Sunday 30th December 2012
2 handicap races with 4 separate fleets 1st race start 11:00

Bloody Mary (40th Anniversary)
Saturday 12th January 2013
1 long Pursuit race (expect at least 250 other boats) Race start time for slowest boat is 12:00pm (make sure you aim to launch early as it can take a while to launch boats)

Steve Nicholson Memorial Race at Northampton Sailing Club
28th January 2013
2 handicap races with 3 separate fleets  1st Race start 11:00 for single handed and double handed Assymetrics start in the afternoon

Tiger Trophy at Rutland Sailing Club
2nd  & 3rd February 2013
3 back to back handicap races with a slow and fast start for Saturday lasting approx 45 mins each.  Then Sunday has 1 long non dis-cardable pursuit race

Some events have a restriction on the number of boats allowed and require you to pre-enter.  Please make sure you do this early.

As there are different formats for each of the races, from a 300+ single pursuit to 40-50 boat fleets based on handicap splits, to give an overall result your final position at each event will be taken and factored up based on the largest fleet across all events.  This will then give a point score for each event which is comparable across event and fleets.  You will also get 2 discards so your best 2 scores will count to your overall score.  A change for this year is that each sailor that takes part will score points for themselves so if you change crews or helms, change boats you individual scores will be the ones that count together.  If there are any ties then your best discard will be used to break a tie.

Just in case I miss you when I am looking through the results of each event please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to let me know which you are going to.  This year I should be at all events so if you are unsure about anything or would like to find out more about each specific event just ask.
As we are approaching the end of the sailing season at Paxton Lakes I'd just like to bring a few dates to your attention:
  • Boxing Day Race
    A single race starting at 11.00 on the 26th December.
    Great opportunity to get the body moving again after the excesses of Christmas.
  • Work Parties
    13th January
    27th January
    10th February

    The old adage that many hands make light work was never truer than on a work party day. We always need all the help we can get to spruce up the club and clear away the willows ready for the coming season. Please bring gardening tools to cut back bushes.
  • AGM
    The Annual General Meeting will be held at 2 pm on January 13th, after the first work party. You'll get a more formal notice in with your membership renewal form.
On another tack:
Can I remind you to check that your boats are securely tied down for the winter. When I last walked round the dinghy park there were a surprising number of boats that had not a single line holding them down. Trust me, throwing an old tyre over the handles of the launching trolley will not keep the boat down when the winds get up!
Looking forward to seeing you all in the coming season.
John Stanness
Hon. secretary PLSC

Tickets nearly sold out. Please order now to avoid disappointment.
As we need to pre-order with the caterers last date you can order your tickets is Thursday 15th November!!!


The Laying Up Supper-24th November 2012 from 7pm

The event will be held at Little Paxton Village Hall (map here) and will have a British theme. All members, family and friends are invited to our annual dinner and prize-giving, which will be followed by a disco courtesy of Levitation Events. There will also be a raffle, please let Tina know (on the email address below) if you have any prizes you would like to donate.

People are encouraged to dress in red, white and blue to enter into the spirit of things!
Please click here to download the poster.
Tickets are now on sale through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please remember to submit your meal choices when you apply.  

Add yourself to the Facebook event here