We arrived at Ely Sailing Club for the Cambs Youth League at 9 am followed by Gareth, towing Beth's Opi, Charlotte's Tera and William's Topper, Then followed by Paul, towing Tara's Pico. Finally Nick showed up towing Bobby's Laser, Andy's Topper and my Pico.  We looked over at the Lake and it was very windy and the gusts were frequent and the water was swirling all over the lake, this was because it was so high up. The wind looked challening but exciting. It was then, a mad rush to rig all the boats and to get changed into our sailing gear. We had to take our boats down to the slipway but had to walk down the long uneven bumpy track. When we eventually got down the slipway you were alreay tired. We got all the boats on the water by using the non- existant slipway which was really hard to launch all the boats. Then we had to sail to the jetty and moored up to it. Then we had a briefing and got ready for the first race to start.

After waiting for absulute ages which left like hours, the race started in three sections. The  Opis and Teras then the Toppers and Picos and the RS Fevas and then the Lasers. We were about the start and Tara capsized on the line. we all thought that it was challenging and fun even though we didn't know where the bouys were. It was a good race and there were a few capsizies for most. But Andy managed to capsize 22 times! In that race Bobby came 4th, William came 10th, I came 12th, Tara came 14th and Andy came 17th. but Charotte capsized and did not finsh the race due to the exhaustion and Beth didnt start because she hit her head on the boom before the race started.

The second race started much more smoothly and we found that race alot more eaiser to go around the lake because we knew where the bouys were. But Andy still managed to capsize another 8 times and we all capsized a few times in that race with William doing a nice Death role behind me and Andy retired that race on his 8th capsize . Beth and Charlotte started the race but didn't finish because of the windy conditions. As I went over the finish line, the Race Officers, didnt finish me, so i had to do an extra lap on my own but the hooter went off, I had capsized and had to carried on with the race. At the end of that race I came 6th, Bobby came 7th, Tara came 10th and William came 11th. When we got off the water the wind was increadably strong and the gusts also got stronger and really heavy .

There was a briefing before the third race and the Race Officer adivsed that only the Experienced Saliors went out to do the race. This was because the wind picked up even more and out of 28 boats only 13 boats took part in this race. The Sailors from Paxton, were Bobby, William, Tara and myself. As we were waiting for the start, we could see Andy in the Tera towing the Topper that Charlotte was in as ,they took their boats over to the Jetty. This time, we found the race alot easier because we had four bouys to go around and we knew where they all were. At the end of that race Tara had capsized 8 times and no one else had capsized in that race. Bobby came 7th, I came 8th, William came 9th and Tara came 12th.

Overall the day went really well and Andy capsized 30 times altogether and it was Beths first time sailing there. All the Juniors enjoyed the day and we brought home 3 of the 9 Awards. Beth got Youngest Competitor,Charlotte got First under 12's and I won First Girl. The overall results were Bobby came 5th, I came 8th,William came 10th, Tara came 11th, Andy came 19th, Charlotte came 20th and Beth 23rd. All the juniors did very well even though it was very windy. It was a great day of Sailing. By the end of the day, everyone was really tired and worn out.

By Helen Sharp

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