We went to the Cams Youth League at Grafham towing 3 boats(Mine, Aimee's and Helen's). We arrvied before 9AM. We unloaded the boats and rigged them.

It was quite breezy before the first race and it looked exciting and worrying. Once we signed on, rigged and got changed, we went to the briefing. When I found out the Laser Pico started on the same start as me, I was annoyed but got over it. We got ready to launch for the first race and heaed of to the start line.

I understood how the starts worked so I told the other Paxton members what to do and when it really started. I helped Aimee as she is new to racing and she wasn't sure how it worked. Once she started, our 5 Minute went not long afterwards. I was great. I had lined up on the line and in the last ten seconds, sheeted on. I was the first off the line and stayed there for a while.
William Russell in Topper 28197 gets a great start in the first race of the Cambs Youth League Grafham Water SC 2013, Helen Sharp in a Pico also gets a great start.
I came 10th in that race in the end.

In the second race, my start was ok but I drifted past the line but made up for it. I went to the Windward Mark very well. I sailed where the wind was stronger which shot me ahead of the other Toppers
William Russell, Tara Butterfield & Helen Sharp having a good race at Cambs Youth League Grafam Water SC

In that race I came 1st Topper which made so happy and I came 6th in that race. The 2nd race put me in a good mood so I had a good start and sailed well and in that race I came 2nd Topper and 9th. Overall in that day, I came 8th overall out of 34 boats and 1st Paxton boat. 2nd Paxton was Tara Butterfield in 15th overall and 3rd was Helen Sharp in 19th.

Charlotte Sharp and Aimee Russell raced for the first time at Grafham Water Sailing Club and did really well for young sailors. Charlotte came 33rd and Aimee came 34th but they put all the effort they had into the day of racing. All the Paxton Lakes Sailing Club members did really well at Grafham.
Charlotte Sharp at Cambs Youth League Grafham Water SC 2013

Aimee Russell at Cambs Youth League Grafham Water SC 2013
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