27 boats from the Cambridgeshire Schools and Youth Sailing Association with their crews have travelled round the M25 to the Queen Mother Reservoir to compete in this years youth regatta.  
 The following teams are represented by 251 boats in total with sailors aged between 9 and 19
Cambridgeshire       Churcher’s College              Cumbria
Datchet                       Derbyshire                             Kent
Hertfordshire              Leicestershire & Rutland   Lancashire
Norfolk                        Milton Keynes & Bucks        Northamptonshire
Oxford Pirates           Plymouth                                Queen Mary              
Tees & Hartlepool    Worcestershire                     West Sussex
Yorkshire & Humberside
The CSYSA team includes Katrina Curtis and Matt Bowden in Laser Radials, Hannah Whiteside in a Laser 4.7 and Jonathon Bray in RS Feva (Both in the Slow Handicap Fleet) and finally Alice Parker and Bobby Martin in Toppers
Pictures from day one are in the facebook group here
Live updates during the day and the latest results are here
Full report after the link
The regatta is 4 days of fleet racing with a fun race day in the middle. The fleets are Fast Handicap, Slow Handicap, Laser Standard, Laser Radial, Topper and Rookie.
Most competitors arrived to pitch their tents on Sunday. There was a nice breeze but not too much to hamper setting up camp. Mid afternoon boats were walked from the set down area up to the assigned team areas at the top of the hill. Most rigged in preparation for the morning but some were eager enough to test the water and their rigging. 
The Cambs campsite was getting crowded – I think only 2 tents still to arrive as we left. Hannah was getting acquainted with friends not seen for a few weeks or even a year, and also checking out spares and supplies. Matt had the emergency airbed pump and Martin from Hunts had a good snack box. Team Manager Dave Bain was getting to know everyone supported by Tom Lachlan Cope and Jonny Leeding in the role of Team Captain. Mrs Lachlan Cope was stand in team mum until Jennie Bain arrived on Monday and then Clare Bain still hard at work until Thursday.
At the time of our departure tummies were rumbling with dinner due to be served at 6pm
Neil Bray stayed on site Sunday to Monday and reports first hand on events
I took Jonathan down to Datchet on Sunday and stayed over 1 night in the un CRB checked area - the local safety youth cooked sausages and drank beer by the light of a rev-ing mini till gone midnight, but they were quieter than the 747's flying over!).
Went for a full English in the DWSC clubhouse and while waiting for it, I got press ganged by Gabrielle, "What are you doing?" she said, "I'm just a visitor" I replied. "We need some helpers, write down times or sit on a boat?" she queried, "err, sit on a boat!" I replied, so that's how I ended up in Blue 3 safety for the Laser and Topper fleets.
Day 1, Race 1, and there's a light 6 knot southerly breeze. Two concentric trapezoidal courses have been set at the south-west end of the Queen Mother reservoir close to WindsorCastle: orange inner marks for Toppers and large blue pillar buoys for Laser outer marks. Her majesty may be in residence as the flag is flying - I wonder if she's watching the action.
Standard 5-4-1-go and a large start line with committee boat and orange pin. The Lasers are away cleanly (50-odd radials and about 18 standard/full rig lasers). Next are a fleet of 77 toppers, but they’re a feisty bunch and the first start is a general recall, so the pin is moved windward by 30 metres. Second start is another general recall, can you believe it? If we don't get them away soon, the Lasers will be coming through. The pin is moved windward by another 30 metres and the black flag is brought into play. Third start and they are away, and now the Lasers are coming through the gate which has been set to starboard of the committee boat. The wind eases during the morning and my hazy memory recalls little else other than watching the sailing wishing I was young enough to take part. The Lasers finish first but the Toppers go round for another lap. It's a strong CSYSA showing for the radials with James Steckelmacher finishing 3rd and Tim Lupton 4th, with Martin Mills was 8th in standard rig, and Penny Wieser 8th in Topper fleet race1. Its 12:15 and not enough time to do 2 races back-to-back so everyone goes in for lunch. Blue 3 safety boat was a gas-guzzling 3-cylinder 2-stroke RIB, so when we can, the engine was turned off and the boat drifts within the centre of the course. We were glad not to end up eating lunch on the water and were allowed to head in to re-fuel both us and the boat.
Two races back-to-back after lunch and the wind freshens to 14 knots. The safety boats are busy even before the start of race 2. One lady in a radial has forgotten to pick up her tally before coming on the water, does she need to return? Thankfully not and she makes the start, but not before 2 capsizes. One lady in a topper needs to re-rig the mainsheet, and she's cross we can't hold her better head-to-wind, but we're doing our best and eventually she secures the sheet, now pull on the kicker - oh not so hard - thankfully she's got a spare shackle and she's racing again. The conditions offer some exciting and challenging racing and safety boats are kept busy. The Toppers finish before the Lasers and in the challenging conditions CSYSA Topper placings are generally not as good as the first race, but Martin finished 2nd in full rig Lasers and in radials, James is 5th and Lewis Steckelmacher is 11th.
In race 3 the wind seems to gust stronger and a couple of Lasers have mast failures. Blue 3 assisted Tim Lachlan-Cope, who had to retire when the mast sheared clean through at deck level (I'm sure the insurance will sort something out quickly though to get him back on the water). We also assist Sarah Alcock and re-tie the sail to the Topper mast head (but she still a bit concerned when we say it's only a temporary repair due to the limited length of rope left in place).
Day 2, Tuesday sees very light wind and no wind in the morning and the recommendation is to have lunch early. At 14:40, flag 'D' is flown and sailors are released to launch. The rookies complete 2 races but all other fleets only manage 1 race in light airs. Results are posted but there are some errors in slow handicap and we await updated results. After 4 races, results for PLSC sailors are as follows:
Slow handicap fleet: 8th Hannah Whiteside, 17th Jonathan Bray (but updates yet to come as he did not finish 1st in today’s race).
Laser Radial fleet: Katrina Curtis 26th, Matt Bowden 41st.
Topper fleet: Alice Parker 29th, Bobby Martin 66th.
Day 3
Rain overnight but they awoke to sunshine and some wind.
Today is special races day.
Mount Haes Trophy which is knock out racing in Topper Xenons. Cambs had 3 boats in this. Cambs 1 and 3 were knocked out at the heat stages.  Cambs 2 made it through to the final but were then 5th. I do not know who was in each boat.
All Comers Trophy which is a pursuit open to competitors and helpers included Matt and Bobby in Jonathon’s RS Feva and Jonathon in Matt’s Radial coming in 55th and 74th respectively out of a fleet of 132. 
Dave Bain helmed a 420 and came in 70th.
The single handed race in which all 48 competitors sail Toppers included Hannah Whiteside who came 43rd using A
lice’s boat.
As you can see it is an opportunity to swap boats or have a rest day.
Notable results from Cambs in the Single Hander were Penny Weiser coming in 7th and Tanline Ted coming in 11th. In the All comers pursuit race Martin Mills in his full rig Laser and Lewis Stecklemacher in his Radial came in 5th and 9th respectively.
Contact with Hannah is rare as you would expect from someone far too busy enjoying themselves. I am assured she is applying sun cream in great quantities and setting a good example to the younger team members!   She has suggested that the food is not in great supply but declined me calling family who live nearby to do a Tesco run.
Wednesday’s evening entertainment appears to be a mini Olympics at Thames Valley Athletics Centre.
Day 4
Rain hampered play.  Race 5 for the Laser and Topper fleets was abandoned.  The handicap fleets completed race 5 before all the sailors were brought ashore for lunch and to escape the lightning.  All fleets then returned to the water and completed 2 more races.  The 7th race in the slow handicap fleet had 12 boats black flagged after a general recall on the first start.
Placings for the Paxton boats are
Alice Parker - Topper Fleet 30th
Bobby Martin - Topper Fleet 65th out of 79 competitors
Hannah Whiteside - Slow Handicap 5th
Jonathon Bray - Slow Handicap 26th out of 33 competitors
Katrina Curtis - Laser Radial 29th
Matt Bowden - Laser Radial 35th out of 53 competitors

Update from the camp from Hannah at tea time was 'It's starting to rain again and i have left my kit outside'.  She's seen the photographer but he obviously hasn't seen many of our sailors as so far I have only spotted a possible 'Katrina' taken on Monday.
The NSSA website is actively being updated both with results, comments and photos. 
Neil has taken some photos from mainly the Laser and Topper fleet racing, they are already available via the facebook group