Brief news

  1. Great News - Our application for a £10,000 grant from Sport England to buy two new double handed dinghies to facilitate training adults has been approved.  Pat will be going shopping very soon!
  2. The new membership card/programme has been finalised.  Watch out for your copy in the post.
  3. The new racing season is almost upon us.  First race is the Wheel Barrow Race on Sunday 8th March.
  4. There is a working party on Sunday 1st March to tidy the boat park.  We want to move the boats and cut the vegetation.  Please come and assist.  10 o’clock start.
  5. Our new Commodore, Roger Churchill, is making some progress with the new lease.  Hopefully there will be some concrete news very soon.

For more details and further updates watch out for the next edition of Waters Edge