Working Party Jobs 2014

Set out below is the list of jobs intednded to be sorted during the 3 three winter working parties.  Partly due to inclement weather but also due to poor attendance from members there are still several items needing attention.  If you have a bit of spare time please see if you can have a go.  Let's try and get them done before the summer or we may have to abandon sailing have another working party. Thanks.  Paul

Start Box
  1. Check/repair flag ropes
  2. Sort flags and re-letter flag pockets
  3. Overhaul horn and check pump
  4. Clean and tidy generally
  5.  Land pontoon and fix walkway

Cutting back the undergrowth
  1. Water edge of car park (start box around to mark 3)
  2. Around start box and garages
  3.  Behind club boats
  4. Driveway
  5. Southwest shore

Racing Marks and shallow water bouys
  1. Clean
  2. Check numbers
  3. Check anchors and ropes

Club boats and trolleys
  1.  Check for faults – record damage or even better make repairs
  2.  Sort/check kit for single handers
  3. Clean

Club boat garage
  1.  Sort kit
  2. Allocate spaces for rudders and centre boards
  3. Number kit and spaces

RTC Containers
  1. Sort and tidy/clean

  1. Fill potholes
  2. Trim bushes
  3. Clean/check signs

  1. Tidy – remove discarded items check notice boards
  2. Check food dates

Discarded/unclaimed Boats
  1. Remove fittings and move to bonfire or prepare for sale