Report from the beach on Day 1 of the SigneT Nationals

All 9 competing SigneT's took to the water today.  A dry start to the day but no sun and a force 3-4 gusting wind making it chilly for those on the bank and more interesting out on the water

There were two groups at the start.  ST761 helmed by Lizzy Overs leading some to the west shore and ST919 helmed by Pat Overs leading others to the estuary and ST914 helmed by Mike Overs went down the middle on his own 1st to the windward mark is ST192 Bobberdee helmed by Simon Mann with Stephen Whiteside as crew, followed by ST914 and ST761, ST368, ST919, ST690 ST858 ST377 and ST41.  On this next leg the lead boat flew away leading them all onto a plane.  The gybe mark was taken very cautiously by Lizzy in ST761.  ST368 changed direction away from the fleet to get clean wind.  ST858 are the first to fly a spinnaker in this race.  But then also managed the first capsize and turned turtle.   They were then overtaken by the whole fleet.  They eventually righted with the spinnaker flying backwards and almost immediately went back over (they are happy to count this as 2 capsizes as they managed to sail a few feet before they went in again).   ST192 is still leading on the second lap at the windward mark but the gap has been closed by both ST914 and ST761, who were taken at the mark on the inside by ST368.  The same happened as ST919 rounded ST690 helmed by Will Davies and crewed by Hannah Whiteside took them on the inside.  ST377 helmed by John Pratt and Steve Leeding were then right on the tail of ST919.  As they reached the mark ST 41 went far enough on their side that Tom’s legs were overboard on the centreboard.  Not technically a capsize though as their sail did not hit the water!  By this time ST858 has now resumed the race just as ST192 is coming up to the same mark. ST192 pulled further ahead again on that leg followed by ST914, ST368, ST761.  Bobberdee tacked earlier making this leg deceptive as to the order. ST41 has fallen well behind but still two and a bit legs ahead of ST858 who were close to being lapped at the windward mark by ST192.  ST858 held off the lead boat ST192, who were followed by ST914.  ST761 and ST368 were right together followed by ST919, ST377 and ST690.  On that leg ST368 fell back a place.  ST192 finally lapped ST858.  Bobberdee sailed that leg at a totally different angle to the rest of the fleet but it seems to work.   ST914 rounded the mark after ST858.  Then ST919, ST761 and ST377, ST368 and ST690. The final positions were ST192, ST914, ST919, ST377, ST761, ST368, ST690, ST41, ST858

Practice Race report here